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Josh: Examining my hat with some intensity,

Josh: Examining my hat with some intensity, asks, “What is this made of?”

Elfy: “Wool.”

Josh: “Just regular wool from a sheep?”

Elfy: “Yes. And I made it myself.”

Josh: “Have I ever told you that I am pretty good at crocheting?”

Elfy: With great excitement, “No! I did not know that. I only know how to make hats. Could you teach me to make other things?”

Josh: “Definitely.”

Elfy: “Can you teach me how to make a granny square? I am impaired at reading patterns.”

Josh: “I think I can help you figure that out.”

Elfy: “So when we go on tour and have people driving us around in a big bus, Josh will be teaching me to crochet.”

Terrell: “And Rick and I will be sitting in the back playing poker.”

This is us.

Elfy Kornfeld, 12-20-17




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