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Practice Of Late

So practice has been a lot of fun recently. I mean, it's always fun, but we've been doing some whiskey tasting of late which has added another layer to the general hilarity, although has not made us better musicians. It's definitely been fun, but we are taking a break from the “tasting”.

At any rate, last practice was particularly fun, perhaps because we had some guests—Rick's wife and niece, and the whiskey was particularly tasty and the feeling in the room particularly festive. And this was our conversation.

Josh: Examining my hat with some intensity, asks, “What is this made of?”

Elfy: “Wool.”

Josh: “Just regular wool from a sheep?”

Elfy: “Yes. And I made it myself.”

Josh: “Have I ever told you that I am pretty good at crocheting?”

Elfy: With great excitement, “No! I did not know that. I only know how to make hats. Could you teach me to make other things?”

Josh: “Definitely.”

Elfy: “Can you teach me how to make a granny square? I am impaired at reading patterns.”

Josh: “I think I can help you figure that out.”

Elfy: “So when we go on tour and have people driving us around in a big bus, Josh will be teaching me to crochet.”

Terrell: “And Rick and I will be sitting in the back playing poker.”

This is us.

Elfy Kornfeld, 12-20-17




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