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It's Spring! Just kidding... No I really mean it this time! Just kidding

The opening act was Okay Crawdad, a one man band from New Orleans, and he was phenomenal.  The guy can yodel like Jimmie Rodgers and whistle like a bird.  Check him out here: Okay Crawdad

In other exciting musical news, we have had a couple of songs accepted by Women of Substance Musical Podcast.  The first is our recent single “Mockingbird” and that episode (#780) is available as of today.  (Women of Substance Podcast #780)  The second is a song called “Shine on Sugar Queen”.  That one will be part of a series celebrating motherhood and will be on episode #791, available on Wednesday, May 9th.  Thank you Bree Noble and Women of Substance Musical Podcast for supporting us in what we do.

 Happy Spring, friends.

 -Elfy, 4-18-18





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