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Dog Days

Hello friends,

It is August and it is raining.  I should have written a post in July so I would have had something, anything different to say about the weather, but I waited too long and now we’re back under water. There are flood warnings in our area and we are hoping that we get through this bout with less damage than the last time.  And that is your weather report. I’m not sure how or why I became a weather reporter, but I seem to love doing it so expect more to come!

In other news we have been hard at work recording songs for our second album, working on new stuff for our shows, learning to appreciate red wine, and generally having a good time.  It’s been a good summer so far.  Here is a clip from the new song Dogwoods to Maples, taken at a recent practice session. 

We have some exciting shows coming up. On Thursday, August 30th we will be playing a patio show at The Grey Eagle.  This show is from 5 to 7 and we’re pretty excited about it.  The Grey Eagle is one of the best venues in Asheville.  We’re starting on the patio and hoping to get ourselves on their main stage one day soon.

The following month, Friday, September 21st we will be at The Spillway Bridge and Co. in Marion, NC.  That show is from 7:30 to 10.

In October we get to do one of our most favorite things and play a house concert at the beautiful Far Flung Farm in Canton, NC.  Ben and Kelly Lovejoy moved here from Columbia, South Carolina, where they hosted an ongoing house concert series. They are now starting a farm and continuing the tradition in WNC. Their series is called The Opulent ‘Possum House Concert Series and you can find them on Facebook

That’s about it for now. Looking forward to playing some great shows in some new places and to seeing lots of your beautiful faces in the not so distant future.

-Elfy, 8-3-18




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