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A Whimper into the Void

Dear Friends,

First things first. I want to admit to you that I haven’t been telling the truth when I give you the weather report and then claim that I don’t know why I love to talk about the weather so much.  I do know why. It’s because it’s so damned hard to talk about other things.  We may not all agree on all things, but we probably can agree that these past two years have felt much like living in the middle of a maelstrom.  It. Never. Ends. And maybe it’s naive to pin it all on these past two years. Maybe it’s all years, all the time, for all time. Maybe.  But these past two years have been particularly hard for me personally.  It’s a hard time to be human.  So with all this in mind, I will not give you the weather report other than to say that weather happened. Some of it was catastrophic. Some of it was lovely. Let’s move on.

On October 12th we are doing a house concert at beautiful Far Flung Farm in Canton, NC. We love doing house concerts. I have been thinking a lot about what I want to share at this house concert.  We have a lot of original songs.  More than we ever have shows enough to do—and we have quite a few songs that we have never performed live.  That is because they are either too sad or too quiet or too political.  We can probably all agree that when one goes out to drink a beer, eat a taco, and hear some tunes, that isn’t what one is looking for. We tend to write a lot of songs that tackle subjects such as…wait for it…hanging and death, as well as broken hearts, whiskey drinking, and bad men, in a pretty upbeat and fun way. We love those songs and you guys seem to dig them too.  But for this very special house concert I have asked the fellas to please help me bring to life some of my more personal songs, and guess what? They said yes!  Today we were practicing at Terrell’s and I was several times moved between almost tears and almost laughter.  Some of the songs have a lot of sorrow to them, but working them out with Rick, Josh, and Terrell—having them understand what I am trying to bring to life, when I don’t necessarily have the words to explain, brings me such joy. And that, together, is what we will be bringing to the Opulent ‘Possum. As well as a lot of songs about hanging and death, because you know—fun. I can hardly wait.  If you want to join us, please find ’The Opulent ‘Possum House Concert Series’ on Facebook or email Ben at  We would love to see you there.

In other news, we are playing The Grey Eagle patio again this coming Thursday, October 4th from 6-8.  Did I mention they have really, really good tacos?  And more importantly, the last time we played there we were told that we broke the record for the most people on the patio to date.  Please help us smash our own record.

That’s about it for now. I hope to see your beautiful faces in the not too distant future.

-Elfy, 9-29-18




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